“If you don’t fly, you’ll miss out on so much.” She told me that all the trouble in the world was caused by unhappy people. As First Lady she’d seen miserable world leaders act out, and she believed personal unhappiness always led to trouble. “You owe it to yourself, as well as the world, to be more happy.” Her curiousity for life was boundless, every phone call recommended books and movies. “Oh Darcy, you must go see Chocolat!” Included in her letters from her country place in Massachusetts were book reviews she thought mught be pertinent to my novel. She often signed these missives, written on light-blue paper, “Bon Courage”.

Darcey Steinke on Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was her editor at Doubleday and spoke to her of life and writing.

as I stand here in my kitchen, typing these words from the article I taped to the wall because I had to.