it appears there would be no greater injustice we could do our fellow humans than to judge their place on the vast spiritual plane, based on nothing more than the basis of our own opinions on the matter, opinions formed of our own experience, paths, and pieces of all we have picked up along the way. the how of connecting to facets of spirituality, religion — or even a total lack thereof — to justify our very role and existence in this wide and beautiful cosmos is so singular, so personal, that it cannot be built by anyone outside of us. we are the product of our joys, pains, prayers, pleas, pitfalls, loves, triumphs, losses… it is simply not right for us to deem what is Truth for anyone but ourselves, no sooner than we would outwardly dictate the terms under which one should fall in love.

should we find peace, fulfillment, and edification in the coming together on this plane with others who are of like mind, let us ever rejoice in having intersected with fellow travelers with whom we can share a common home, be it for a season or a lifetime. but by no means should we inflict or force our views upon others in the name of the deity of our understanding, for to do so can cause nothing but harm. anything other than the radical allowance of those around us to walk their own spiritual path with the freedom that we walk ours is nothing less than the foulest of judgements. an utter travesty, perhaps worst of all, as it blindly runs counterintuitive to the results one is professing, with the best of intentions, to produce.