as we slide into early july, I can’t help but be work-brained and feel like it’s time for review. first quarter and second, the half-year mark. I’ve been brewing a post for a month or two now about all the albums that crawled into my brain-space over the first half of the year, and as I look back over the last six months, a lot has changed. a lot around me, and a lot within me. mostly me.

it’s been a learning year, already. a year of trying things, with and without good result — or maybe they’re all good result? do we ever know, really? we just know how stuff feels at any given time — of embracing and letting go, of telling the truth, of taking chances. there’s been hurt and bliss, tearing apart and coming together. I guess maybe this is just Life for some folks, but I haven’t had any skin in the game for a while, so this is all new to me. I’ve made some tough calls. lost friends. gained love. had to accept that not everyone understands everything all the time. specifically: that people act / react based off of their own experience, and not necessarily from a neutral place; that I do the same thing, and that a huge part of the solution to that seemingly stuck loop is to spend hard, honest time putting ourselves in other people’s shoes before we respond. at alternating times in the last six months I have done this both horribly and very, very well.

some might disagree as to which was which.