I’ve always been the type of person to honor the seasonal changes, usually with the most focus on Winter Solstice, as we make it through the longest and darkest days of the year in the Northwest. But this summer, though bright and beautiful, wound up being a pretty arduous time for me, and I need to honor that experience somehow. Honestly, I can’t say I’m sad to see it go.

If we get really basic about our cycles, this would be the time of year where we’d traditionally celebrate the abundance of a harvest, while simultaneously having to acknowledge that the soil is dying and that the crops need to go dormant to fulfill their life cycle. Learning to embrace that balance between light and dark is exactly where I’m at these days, looking for hope where there’s death; a golden aspect to the dormancy.

As we start this new season, it’s my hope for all of us to strike some sort of balance, be it a healing from the hard times, or enlightenment from under the darkest corner of the metaphorical (or literal) bed, or whatever variation of light and dark that this fall decides to gift each of us with. Even if you find yourself in the midst of a painful time, Happy Equinox. Strangely, perfectly, we are all right on schedule, myself included. xo