Words can’t truly describe the experience we had in Tennessee this week — a whirlwind thirty-six hours, all to see Wayne White’s retrospective and a talk he was giving at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga. So much immersive art, so much awe, so much hope that helps fill the gap between knowing you have art to get out of you + being able to express it.

Wayne is someone who’s been able to tap into his art-vein and just make things like, constantly, and being able to meet him and shake his hand and share in his aura for a few hours was, no exaggeration, such a true gift. When we brought our books up to be signed I managed to articulate some of that to him but I couldn’t get through it without crying, and then he cried a little too, and then our new friend Helen Smith took this picture of us, and as if all that weren’t enough, since we’d missed Wayne-O-Rama (because apparently there’s a time change between Nashville and Chattanooga?), like, minutes after this our other new friend Bryan gave us our own private tour down the street. (!!!!!)

So now we’re home + exhausted + inspired, and PS, speaking of home, I wouldn’t even know about Wayne or “Beauty is Embarrassing” without Barry; the layers and layers that he impacts and enriches in me blows my mind daily and ugh SUCH A LONG CAPTION FOR A PHOTO but seriously, not joking when I say I’ll probably remember yesterday for the rest of my life. Thank you Wayne, and thank you Mimi for all that you do. The world is a better place with you in it and we’re so grateful we got to meet you both, even if it was just for a moment out of all of our long, weird, twisty, impossible, beautiful lives.

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