I want people to know about him. His name is Todd, Todd Frost.

“Like Jack Frost, only not as cold.”

While I was making some phone calls he told me he liked to dance, asked me what I liked to do, and I told him about my job and about writing and taking pictures. He wants to go back to school, and recited a poem to me from memory, and he was extremely happy for me that I was married, for some reason.

“It’s the most wonderful thing, to have found a partner to do all this with.”

He was carrying a plastic PATIENT BELONGINGS bag and a tote and it was really hard not to cry the entire time I was with him. I wrote my number down on the directions to the office and now I feel like I can never change my number, just in case he calls, just in case he wants to tell me a few months from now that they straightened out his meds and that he had a clean bed to sleep in and how he’s taking a job skills class like he told me about.